Moroccan Mineral® Signature Tanning Mist

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Product: Moroccan Mineral® Signature Tanning Mist
Size: 1 Gallon / 128 oz.
Retail Price: This is a Professional item available EXCLUSIVELY through our distributors for spas, salons and medical facilities. For a list of distributors, click here.
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what is it?
Moroccan Mineral® Signature Airbrush Mist with Moroccan Argan Oil is tanning mist for hand held airbrush and HVLP sprayers. It creates a sunless tan that is sumptuous with moisture, bronze lustre and pristine longevity.

Moroccan Mineral® Mist's nutrient rich formula was designed to enhance the skin, while giving it a spectacular tan effect. Contains the most exceptional skin care ingredients for luxurious sunless tanning services. Tans develop so naturally, they create the illusion of an almond skin tone - even on the fairest complexions. Quick drying, lightly scented and non-sticky beautiful brown color guide for instant gratification.

we offer 5 professional spray tanning mists:
Moroccan Mineral® Signature Mist - truly sumptuous.
Touch of Tahiti - true coconut brown, perfect for all skin types.
Baked in Ibizia - similar to Touch of Tahiti, but darker!
Mist of Maui - for a "just off the beach" look!
South Beach Sun - similar to Mist of Maui, but darker!

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